Raceworks Silicone Hose is manufactured from the highest grade materials, to ensure that the strictest OEM and performance specifications are surpassed. All Hoses feature solid 5mm walls constructed from 4-ply reinforced silicone polyester, offering burst pressures of up to 348psi. All hoses are UV, ozone and electrochemically resistant to avoid fading and separation.


All Raceworks products come with a 2 year warranty.



  • Temperature Rating : –40 to +180°C
  • Raceworks Silicone Hose is not fuel safe
  • Solid 5mm walls constructed from 4-ply reinforced silicone polyester.



Short Length

Dia. Imp.        Dia. Metric     Part # Blue    Part # Black  Lth mm       Min. Burst Pres.

0.50”               13mm             SHS-050BE   SHS-050BK   60mm           348 PSI

0.75”               19mm             SHS-075BE   SHS-075BK   60mm           348 PSI

1.00”               25mm             SHS-100BE   SHS-100BK   60mm           348 PSI

1.25”               32mm             SHS-125BE   SHS-125BK   60mm           305 PSI

1.50”               38mm             SHS-150BE   SHS-150BK   60mm           305 PSI

1.75”               44mm             SHS-175BE   SHS-175BK   60mm           305 PSI

2.00”               51mm             SHS-200BE   SHS-200BK   75mm           218 PSI

2.25”               57mm             SHS-225BE   SHS-225BK   75mm           174 PSI

2.50”               63mm             SHS-250BE   SHS-250BK   75mm           174 PSI

2.75”               70mm             SHS-275BE   SHS-275BK   75mm           174 PSI

3.00”               76mm             SHS-300BE   SHS-300BK   75mm           174 PSI

3.25”               83mm             SHS-325BE   SHS-325BK   90mm           174 PSI

3.50”               89mm             SHS-350BE   SHS-350BK   90mm           145 PSI

3.75”               95mm             SHS-375BE   SHS-375BK   90mm           145 PSI

4.00”               102mm           SHS-400BE   SHS-400BK   90mm           145 PSI

4.50”               114mm           SHS-450BE   SHS-450BK   90mm           145 PSI

5.00”               127mm           SHS-500BE   SHS-500BK   90mm           145 PSI

6.00”               152mm           SHS-600BE   SHS-600BK   90mm           145 PSI

Brand Raceworks
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg

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